Covenant: Hybrid Web App

This client came to me with a unique need. They had built a subscription model and found success, but the subscriptions didn’t occur in predictable intervals. We extended WooCommerce Subscriptions, to allow for bulk processing of subscriptions on their own time table. We’ve continued to further refine their site and streamline their processes. We have shaved employee time off of product management by allowing for bulk processing and updating of shipping for subscriptions.

Building on the success of their subscription model, they communicated a desire to allow players the ability to check in at their store and indicate what they wanted to play. Allowing users to see who and what games are being played at a given point in time enables them to engage their audience in new ways. This Now Playing portal was built as a web application, using WordPress via backplane, and building out additional database and back-end functionality.

Our most recent project for them was a full site redesign. The goals on this project were speed and precision. We’ve delivered a snappy site, that puts users in the driver seat. With a highly customized WooCommerce Checkout flow, we’ve catered to user needs, making the purchase and subscription process easy and painless.