With over 20 years of digital experience, I’m a proven team leader with a unique cross-discipline skillset. With a background in design, and experience planning, I bring human relationships to digital projects.

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You are an absolute champion. I’ve never had a developer fight in the trenches for our company simply because he or she wanted to deliver the perfect product. This entire project has been a rehabilitation program for my trust in developers to get the job done, and, ultimately, care. … Your application of Occam’s Razor on a project-level led to better and faster results, and your light-heartedly walking me through launch (when it was needed most) was deeply appreciated.

- Steven Wooley, Marketing Director, Team Covenant

Krissie’s deep understanding of web technologies combined with her appreciation for design make her a valuable asset for modern UX teams. Her knowledge of layout, navigation and usability enable her to continually deliver products that work.

- Matt Badgett, Founder/Creative Director, Honeystreet