IF:Local: Event Registration System

IF:Gathering is a non-profit bursting at the seams, growing faster than their technology has been able to keep up. They needed a solution for volunteers hosting satellite conferences. They put in a tall order, very user friendly for non tech-savvy individuals, ability to create their own unique event registration page while staying tied to the main national brand and technology. They wanted to ensure that they had user information for these events, and they needed for those attendees to be able to make one payment but have funds go multiple places. Leading up to and during the event they can see traffic spikes of up to 1 Million users per day.

Our team created a multisite, multi-network installation for them. Hosts could register their event, and gain access to tools allowing them to register their attendees, and manage those registrations. Through the use of Stripe Connect we were able to accomplish the goal of one payment to different organizations, and we have implemented a map tool allowing the locations to be plotted and searched around the world.